Julie Parker


Julie Parker is truly an expert.  She spent nine years with CaseSoft, which became part of LexisNexis in 2006.  During that time she managed the Support & Training team.  She created the CaseMap training curriculum, authored portions of the Help system, and trained CaseSoft’s trainers.  Julie then founded and led the CaseSoft Academy, offering open enrollment classes and webinars.  Julie and her team traveled the world providing implementation, training and consulting for the CaseMap Suite, both stand alone or as part of a litigation support package.  The CaseSoft Academy was renamed the Case Analysis Consulting Group and won the 2007 Law Technology News Litigation Support Consultant of the Year award.

Prior to joining CaseSoft, Julie was an instructor, trainer and coach for many corporate clients while working with Thomas Cook, American Express and Productivity Point.

In 2009, Julie left LexisNexis and has been working under contract at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as an Automated Litigation Support Specialist and Subject Matter Expert for the CaseMap Suite and Nexidia audio search and retrieval software.  She has continued her work designing curriculums and training manuals as well as training and coaching trainers and public speakers.

In February 2010, she officially opened the doors of Parker Litigation Services, continuing the tradition of fabulous training, consulting, coaching and customer service for everyone.

You can contact Julie by phone at (386)569-5303 or by email at julie@parkerlitservices.com